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Ngành nghề: Dệt may - Da giày

Chi tiết hồ sơ ứng viên Hứa Huỳnh Minh Nguyệt

Ngày làm mới: 29/12/2014

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Thông tin cá nhân

Hinh anh Hua Huynh Minh Nguyet

Họ và tên:

Hứa Huỳnh Minh Nguyệt

Ngày sinh:


Giới tính:


Tình trạng hôn nhân:

Độc thân

Trình độ học vấn

Trình độ học vấn:

Cao đẳng

Ngành học:

Human Service Resource/ Social Work

Tốt nghiệp năm:

2011 (Giỏi)

Tốt nghiệp tại trường:

Ngoại ngữ:

English - Tiếng Anh

Trình độ tin học:

Các bằng cấp/ chứng chỉ khác:

Kinh nghiệm làm việc

Số năm kinh nghiệm:

Hơn 5 năm

Kinh nghiệm:

1/Crew Trainer- Assistant Manager
2007-2011 worked as part-time and full time for McDonald Corporation in USA
-training crews and manage crews in many positions
-supervise crews and their break time
-cashier, working in drive -thru and kitchen initiator
-making coffee and smoothie drinks,

2/ Assistant Manager Fabric Section
From December 2011 until December 2012 Firmenpark Biebl Design, Austria (the factory in Vietnam is named Bach Hop Co., Ltd)
- Working for every care as an assistant manager in fabric section.
- Follow up IM-EX documents about fabric orders, commercial invoice, arrival date of shipment container to Vietnam Port.
- Check and reply mails to Austria and foreign suppliers.
- Translate and interpret for my superior.
- Printing label sewing.
- Responsible for update and assess Test Center- follow up, supervise the fading color, fastness color and quality of fabric samples throughout every four months based on testing with Anemometer, Humidity, Light Meter and Thermometer.
-Searching and contacting to new foreign suppliers.
- Supervise the ordering fabrics to make sure the quantity is enough with PIs consumption.
-Working in soucing department- woven fabric oversea:
+ Contact with oversea Suppliers, deal the price, and lead time, send Purchase Order to Suppliers and follow up the delivery time, shipment sample and documents related to Custom.
+ Starting to source fabrics in all potential oversea suppliers, sending the sample to Supplier for new development and then getting the quote with the target price, making the fabric costing and send to Merchandiser.
+ Contact to Accountant Department, Import & Forwarder in shipping fabrics and make sure the fabric come to Warehouse come to factory on time for production.
+ Take care all PI from Merchandiser from A-Z, dealing all matters about fabrics.
+ Checking debit note every month for each supplier.
+ Checking the quality and quantity of goods after arrived in Warehouse in order to report to Merchandiser and Supplier.
+ Making the Internal Invoice to Merchandisers at the end of month.
+ Making the payment list about the amount of deposit and time of payment for each Purchase Orders to Accountant Department in order to plan the payment in each week.
+ Helping Fabric Manager in all other requests.
3/ Merchandiser
From December 2012 to June 2013 at Nurian International/Terratex Co.,Ltd
- Daily communication with head office in Korea;
- Monitoring each style placed at in particular lines;
- Maintain an excellent file of all the specifications for each style;
- Responsible for merchandising activities, assisting with purchase order execution, following up with buyers and suppliers, monitoring and attending shipment requirement;
- Closely work with customers, suppliers and factories;
- Answer telephone inquiries from customers, suppliers and factory;
- Properly deal problems rising in production

Các kỹ năng:

• English- Vietnamese, Vietnamese- English translation, esp. English for specific purposes.
• Having knowledge about Food and Beverage in fast food restaurant for over three years.
• Ability to do office tasks (using Fax machine and Photocopier)
• Computer basic skills: Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Internet, etc.
• Ability to learn and explore new knowledge.
• Ability to work under work pressure.
• Ability to work well in teamwork
• Fast typing in documents word.
•Fast learning new task in workplace.

Công việc mong muốn

Vị trí mong muốn:

Assistant Merchandise- Assistant Manager - Sourcing Staff- Restaurant Manager

Cấp bậc mong muốn:

Chuyên viên - nhân viên

Ngành nghề:

Dệt may - Da giày

Hình thức làm việc:

Toàn thời gian cố định

Địa điểm làm việc:


Mức lương mong muốn:

10 – 15 triệu

Mục tiêu nghề nghiệp:

• Working in stable and professional working environment;
• Having opportunities to learn and work in team group.
• Having chance to rise up personal ideal and to be promoted.
• Desire salary: 500-600 $USD (net income after taxes)

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