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Thông tin cá nhân

Họ và tên: Phạm Văn Hạnh
Ngày sinh: 10/05/1985
Giới tính: Nam
Tình trạng hôn nhân: Độc thân

Trình độ học vấn

Trình độ học vấn: Đại học
Ngành học: Bachelor of English
Tốt nghiệp năm: 2012 (Trung bình khá)
Tốt nghiệp tại trường: ĐH Khoa học xã hội và nhân văn - ĐH Quốc Gia TP HCM
Ngoại ngữ: English - Tiếng Anh
Trình độ tin học: Advance
Các bằng cấp/ chứng chỉ khác: 1. Certificate: Professional knowledge of Labor Safety in Industrial Manufacturing 2. OHS training – Occupational Hygiene and Safety course 3. Certificate: Administration and Human Resource Specialist 4. Certificate: Business Management Specialist 5

Kinh nghiệm làm việc

Số năm kinh nghiệm: 4 năm
Kinh nghiệm: Saitex is a big garment manufacturing, with total 3 branches and many outsourcing factories, produces many kinds of products relating to fashion Jeans in order to export to European and American markets

HR services:

1. Recruiting:
- Search and choose potential candidates for the vacancies.
- Interview at the first round and arrange interview schedule for the next rounds. Interview candidates with department managers or Factory Manager for staff and important position.
- Make offer letter for selected candidates and issue refuse letters to the failed ones.
- Organize the database bank of candidates and recruitment plan to ensure that company’s vacancies are filled on time.

2. Training:
- Train new employees to master orientation training program (company introduction, company regulation and benefits, company policies, and Labor laws)...
- Plan and carry out annual retraining program for all employees of Labor Hygiene and Safety.
- Look for and arrange training course as company demand for human resource development.

3. Appraisal:
- Follow and review new employees’ performance after their probation time for official contract, - Monitor the status of old employees’ contract extension, conduct the procedures for appraisal of working performance and renew labor contracts for the employees that meet requirements.
- Conduct appraisal for reviewing salary in the end of year.

4. C&B:
- Payroll calculation including both piece rate and time salary; make payroll report and pay slip.
- Monitoring and settling the relating compensation and benefits for the resigned employees under the guideline of the company's policy & procedure and government's regulation.

5 - Discipline:
- Supervise employees' discipline implement.
- Recording and making report of discipline status monthly.
- Consult with the direct manager for the solution for discipline issues.

6. Employee relations:
- Reconcile the dispute, between or among staff or complaints, grievances from employees in order to maintain company’s regulation and culture.
- Conduct exit interview for the necessary and timely improvement.

7. Compose company policies, labor regulations, collective labor agreement and salary scale system for company legally according to the government requirements.

8. Regularly make reports under the local government’s requirement such as the regular report of working accident and report of status of labor hygiene and safety.

9. Open and keep good relationship with local authorities and other partners of the company

10. Assist direct manager in monitoring daily attendance, overtime, maternity leave, annual leave issue according to company’s policies.

11. Manager's consultant:
- Offer the solutions for issues and incidents.
- Planning short-term and long-term strategies of human resource management.

12. Representative for the HR manager to solve raising issues as authorized.

Administration services:

1. Fire-fighting task:
- Prepare records and policy of the fire-fighting in the company according to Vietnam Law of fire-fighting.
- Plan and organize fire-fighting drill with the local police office; organize to train the professional skill of fire-fighting for fire-fighting team.
- Organize and practice internal fire-fighting drill and evacuation.

2. Occupational Hygiene and Safety:
- Plan and arrange periodic health check for employees and first-aid training for first-aid team.

- Monitor the hygiene and safety status in the company to make sure that company satisfy the standards of hygiene and safety

- Plan and arrange working environment measurement annually and carry out the improvement if necessary.

- Monitor food supplying service to ensure food safety & hygiene. Making regular survey for assessing the quality of service.

- Supervise cleaning team and trash collecting service to ensure that the factory is in hygienic status.

- Monitor security service to ensure facility, employees and properties are in secure manner.

– Monitor the contract status of the service suppliers (Food, Security, Hygiene, etc…), and consult to the manager for contract extension or stopping.

3. Plan and issue the labor protection equipment (LPE) and stationary based on company policies and reality.

4. Manage company petty cash and spend for the admin and production activities

5. Organize events, conference, travel trip or party on special occasions for company.

Social Compliance services:

1. Keep record and maintain the company policies and documents properly and scientifically

2. Prepare and control the factory’s condition and status based on the Vietnam Labor law, standards and code of conduct of each client.

3. Assist HR manager to ollow up compliance audit result and implement correction action plan

4. Propose the solution to improve the non-compliance point in order to meet the clients’ standards and Vietnam labor law.
Các kỹ năng: - Able to identify and solve problems, generate ideas, and to work independently.

- Being studious, ambitious, and dynamic

- Good communication and interpersonal skills

- Can work under high pressure

- Proficient in Computer and English

Công việc mong muốn

Vị trí mong muốn: HR and Admin Executive/ HRA Supervisor/ HRA Manager Assistant
Cấp bậc mong muốn: Nhân viên
Ngành nghề: Nhân sự
Hình thức làm việc: Toàn thời gian cố định
Địa điểm làm việc: TP. HCM
Mức lương mong muốn: Thỏa thuận
Mục tiêu nghề nghiệp: I want to apply for the post of Administration & Human Resource Executive/Supervisor or HRA Manager's Assistant, which I will be responsible for controlling the human resource and administrative functions and/or HRA Manager's consultant on planing the strategies of Human Resource Department. These jobs are just appropriate to my knowledge, experience and qualification. I strong belive that I can undertake these jobs and comple my mission successfully.

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